iOS and Web Development with Passion and Precision


  • Ten years of software engineering experience using Swift, Obj-C, JavaScript, Ruby, Docker, Agile & Kanban.
  • I have a reputation for exceptional teamwork, openness, judgement, and technical skill.
  • Designed and developed Swift libraries used by the hundreds of developers of the Capital One iOS app.
  • Built a marketplace platform for manufacturing that handled thousands of users and over $1 million in sales.
  • Delivered multiple web and iOS apps for enterprise clients.
  • B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

iOS Platform Engineer at Capital One

May 2019 - Now

  • Tech Lead of a six-person engineering team charged with modernizing our app’s foundations and building a modular system of feature-plugins. After four years of me leading this effort, our app is now fully modernized.
  • Designed and developed several in-house frameworks used by hundreds of other developers, including:
    • Reactive, Redux-like feature architecture, compatible with UIKit and SwiftUI.
    • Routing algorithm for deep linking to any feature of our modularized app.
    • Dependency injection system inspired by SwiftUI’s EnvironmentValues.
  • Supported developers as they adopted these new frameworks by writing documentation and providing one-on-one support. I continually refined the design of these libraries in response to feedback and usage patterns.
  • Spearheaded a multi-year migration from RxSwift to Combine. I designed compiler warnings to progressively guide developers as they migrated their code, which eased the learning curve and my team’s support burden.
  • Built consensus through weekly technical design meetings with my Android counterparts for the sake of cross-platform alignment.
  • Formally mentored three of my peers, at their request, to help guide their professional development.
  • Consistently top-ranked in performance and peer reviews and frequently approached by both developers and product owners for my guidance and knowledge.

Full-stack Developer at Xometry, Inc.

July 2018 - May 2019

  • Refactored and optimized back-end code to yield 5x speed improvement.
  • Built a micro-service on AWS Lambda for moving sales data into our accounting system. Held regular meetings with accounting team stakeholders to meet their requirements.

Full-stack Developer at MakeTime, Inc.

March 2016 - July 2018 (acquired by Xometry)

  • Developed full-stack solutions for our manufacturing platform using Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. The platform was responsible for over $1 million in transactions in 2017 and continued to grow until it was acquired.
  • Built UI for instant budgetary pricing intelligence which leveraged custom machine-learning models. This was MakeTime’s differentiator in the manufacturing market space.
  • Enabled the Fulfillment team to manage a high workload by building a matchmaking micro-service to find viable candidates from a network of over 2000 suppliers.

Full-stack Developer at CirrusMio, Inc.

May 2014 - March 2016

  • Built iOS app in Swift to facilitate sales pitches and place orders. I extensively researched the client’s existing sales workflow and delivered the app in two months to align with their next sales initiative.
  • Built a prototype iOS app for a client’s enterprise document storage service. I designed and developed the UX and helped build the complimentary Rails backend.

Web Developer at University of Kentucky, Department of Communication

Sept. 2011 - May 2014

  • Enabled researchers to analyze data and collaborate efficiently by building several custom-tailored web apps.
  • Designed and developed personnel-management web app.